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How to
become a
product owner

Are you looking for new, innovative ways to market your brand? Do you want to reach the right audience profile of both local and high-end buyers? 

There has been an extensive reduction in in-bound travel since the start of the pandemic, with the result that the high-end tourism industry has been greatly impacted, particularly because of the Covid-19 travel restrictions and the constant changes linked to international travel. The South African leisure and corporate market aims to accommodate travellers by offering alternative opportunities within our borders that would suit their high standards and requirements. 

This opens a NEW, FIRST OF ITS KIND opportunity for you. 

The ExecutiveLounge.Travel platform will expose your high-end brand to potential discerning, corporate buyers who are looking to travel for leisure and work. By working with us, you will have the opportunity to promote and market your brand to members of the ExecutiveLounge.Travel exclusive travel community at a minimal cost, reaching an audience of high-end travellers. 

What criteria qualifies you to become a member?

Product Owners are handpicked from the best that South African hospitality has to offer, with a focus on:

•    Owner participation

•    Premium services

•    Distinctive style

•    Dedication to perfection

•    Unique in their offering

•    Focus on rebuilding the local hospitality sector

How does it work?

The platform will be open to members for 4 months, where they will be encouraged to initiate direct communication with you to discuss their individual requirements.  A unique product page will be designed for you where potential buyers will be able to view your product offering and book directly with you.  They will speak directly to you – the decision maker!

Each client will be sent their own personal travel profile based on feedback we gather relating to their personal preferred travel requirements.  Each profile will be tailor-made and matched with selected brands that meet their travel criteria.

To discuss membership opportunities and how these can benefit your brand, contact our team NOW.

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