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About Us

With ExecutiveLounge.Travel, you can expect high-end, bespoke, and unique South African travel experiences. We have brought together an exclusive travel community under the banner of ExecutiveLounge.Travel. You are now able to connect with bespoke South Africa brands that will replace your regular international leisure or corporate escapes. By travelling locally, you will no longer need to spend large sums of money investing in cross-continental flights, change time zones and in some cases, you can avoid airports altogether.

The onset of the Global pandemic has shown us that nothing is stagnant and that South Africans are seeking out new immersive experiences. The work-from-home model has allowed executives a unique level of flexibility in their home and work life. You can incorporate a family escape together with a remote work location and, by taking advantage of global connectivity, you can discover luxury destinations that will fulfil your family needs as well as your corporate obligations.

South Africans who still wish to travel, have high standards and expectations, because they have travelled extensively abroad and been exposed to high-end travel and hospitality experiences.  They are not willing to lower their expectations when it comes to travel – be it for work or leisure.

Why ExecutiveLounge.Travel?

The Team at have combined their knowledge of the South African travel and hospitality industry with existing corporate and personal relationships to provide a platform that would fulfil the needs of both entities.

With over 30 years of industry knowledge and strong interpersonal relationships, the concept was born, and the need was fulfilled.  There is undoubtedly a wealth of opportunity in South Africa, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

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