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Welcome to the exclusive community of travellers, setting the standard for luxury travel in South Africa. 

ExecutiveLounge.Travel aims to create an online community drawn from discerning corporate client relationships, who are looking to connect directly with high-end, bespoke, and unique South African brands, which are available for leisure and corporate travel. Discover the best of the local hospitality landscape with our unique platform. Join a community of South Africans who still love travelling and expect the best. 

What can you expect?

Product buyers will discover the upmarket hospitality experiences available in South Africa. From luxury properties and private jet operators to game reserves, villas, and river cruises, to name but a few, the options for high-end travel and hospitality are endless. We have assembled the finest South African offerings that will integrate seamlessly into your next travel wish-list while global travel remains limited. 

By travelling within our borders and supporting the local tourism and hospitality industry, we contribute towards uplifting South Africa’s economy.

Who will you meet?

Product owners will be exposed to the buyers who form part of the South African leisure and corporate travel market. Our product buyers are traditionally seasoned global travellers who are looking to experience and support bespoke South African brands. These South Africans expect the best, and we aim to deliver.

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